At BuddyMarks.com you can store all your bookmarks on-line and be able to get to them from anywhere. Home, school, the library... at work, leisure, even on vacation in Tahiti. You can easily upload the bookmarks you already have, and adding new ones is as easy as the way you bookmark things now... and you can do it anywhere (did I mention that?)!
Just sign up and add a simple bookmarklet to your browser (don't get nervous, it's real easy). When you find a web page you'd like to add to your list, just click the BuddyMarks.com bookmarklet, decide what folder you want to put it in, click "add".
Now here's the fun part! By default, your bookmarks are private, but when you choose to, you can share some or all of your bookmarks with a select group of friends (buddies, shall we say?). Or mark them as "Everybuddy", and you can share them with everyone! If a friend is not already a member of your Buddies group, an email will go out telling your friend about the cool website you bookmarked and inviting your friend to join. A couple of clicks and you and you friend will be swapping bookmarks.
So, you can have your bookmarks with you anywhere, share them with your friends, learn about new websites from your friends, and browse and add to the public bookmark space. And, um, oh... it's free!

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